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On November 15th the PL Short Story class will welcome a Guest Speaker, Ron Jackson, to discuss Mid-Autumn by Robert Olen Butler. We extend an invitation to the full PL membership to join us for what should be a very stimulating session!  The link to the story will be made available via the PL calendar.

To introduce Ron, he writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. His work has appeared in The Chattahoochee ReviewNorth Carolina Literary ReviewTar River Poetry, and other venues. Ron was a finalist for the Doris Betts prize and Thomas Wolfe prizes in short fiction, the Lascaux Prize in Flash Fiction, the Prime Number Magazine Flash Fiction Award, and the Lamar York Prize in Non-Fiction. He holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Before the pandemic, you could find him in Durham cafés, working on his short fiction collection or a Philly-based crime novel. He desperately wants to move his writing hours back out to the wider world.]]>
<![CDATA[Peer Learning Question for Spring 2022 Semester]]>Sat, 23 Oct 2021 00:14:56 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/peer-learning-question-for-spring-2022-semesterDear Peer Learners,

We are beginning planning for the spring semester and are not yet sure whether we will be able to meet in person or must continue on Zoom and, once again, we need your help. 

As you may know, Binkley Baptist Church has been very generous in allowing us to rent space from them for our classes but, like all organizations, Binkley is trying to balance the needs of its own congregation, service to the community, including us, and its response to the ongoing pandemic.
We would like to locate some alternative meeting places in case we are not able to fit our schedule with Binkley’s. Do you live in a development with a clubhouse or belong to a religious group that has a room and parking available? If so, could you find out if they would be willing to rent it to us and the rental cost? 

Please contact us at peerlearningofchapelhill@gmail.com.


<![CDATA[Fall 2021 Message from the President]]>Mon, 23 Aug 2021 00:30:14 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/fall-2021-message-from-the-presidentDear Peer Learners,
It is with both pleasure and regret that I announce the Fall 2021 Semester of Peer Learning of Chapel Hill. Pleasure because, once again, I am able to introduce a wonderful semester of learning and friendship to all seniors in the Chapel Hill (and beyond) area; regret that concerns about the pandemic have again caused us to limit ourselves to Zoom offerings and forgo the in-person classes we all so much long for.

As a consolation, Peer Learning leaders have planned a fall picnic, to be held Saturday, August 28 from 11-2 at Gold Park in Hillsborough. You should already have received your invitation; if not, please check the Peer Learning website for details. You do not have to be registered  for this semester to attend; we are hoping that some friends who have found it difficult to participate via Zoom will join us for this event. And we will be looking for some other opportunities to meet in person later in the semester so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let me tell you about this semester’s classes: we have an amazing line up including old favorites like Kitchen Table, Short Story and Book Club, some follow-up themes, Michael Joseph’s new course on African Americans and a second course by Matt Epstein about the human brain and some new ventures into history and literature with my course on the History of the Christian Church, Beth Timson’s Women and the Bible and Gary West’s American Mythology. Finally, on Thursday afternoons we will bring you Fall Cornucopia, an overflowing mixture of short courses that anyone can join for an afternoon or two.

Please take a moment to fill out on the registration form at the webpage Peerlearningofchapelhill.com. If we don’t know you are  coming, we won’t be able to send you notices, handout-outs, etc. And, after you register, please send your semester check for $20 made out to Peer Learning of Chapel Hill to Peer Learning of Chapel Hill, Post Office Box 2821 Chapel Hill, 27515, NC. Your dues help us pay for Zoom, Great Courses and our Webpage; all our instructors and board members are volunteers who give their time and talent to bring us this valuable program and I am sure I do not thank them enough.

Happy Learning,
Sally Binkowski
<![CDATA[August 2021 Book Club - Special Format]]>Mon, 16 Aug 2021 20:16:15 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/august-2021-book-club-special-format Hello All Peer Learners!

I'd like to do something a little different with Book Group this month, and want to invite everyone to join us, even if you don't usually attend. Please join us to tell about the most interesting books you've read this year (or last year)--- even if they're not new--- especially if you think they'd make good discussion "fodder". It's always fun to hear about what other folks are reading and what they got out of the books they've read. Non-fiction, fiction--- every genre is welcome!! Hope to "zee" you online on Friday, August 20th, at 11AM!   ---KY
<![CDATA[Peer Learning Picnic]]>Fri, 06 Aug 2021 19:29:50 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/peer-learning-picnicSAVE THE DATE
August 28, 11 AM-2 PM
What: Peer Learning Picnic
Where: Gold Park
415 Dimmocks Mill Rd, Hillsborough
Who’s Invited: All Peer Learning Friends
Bring your own lunch
Share individually wrapped snacks
We’ll supply beverages & paperware
<![CDATA[Letter from the President - Summer 2021]]>Mon, 26 Apr 2021 01:08:33 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/letter-from-the-president-summer-2021Dear Peer Learners,

I am very happy to announce Peer Learning’s Summer 2021 Potpourri, a wonderful mix of classes that will meet every Monday and Wednesday, from May through August.

On Wednesday mornings, Gary West will continue to bring us the latest news about Covid and Wednesday afternoons, Michael Joseph will introduce a new Great Courses class, “the Long Struggle Against Slavery in America.

Mondays will bring a slightly lighter mix. On alternate weeks, we will have our usual “Friends Around the Kitchen Table” and “Short Story” classes, while on the in-between weeks, we will have a varied selection of short and one-time courses. 

Each of these classes will last one hour and will try to include time for discussion. There is no charge for the summer session and folks are encouraged to drop in as often as your summer plans allow. Invite your friends, too. 

The full schedule can be found on our Peerlearningofchapelhill.com webpage; click on the calendar and the class and date you want and it will show the Zoom link.

Hope to see you this summer.


<![CDATA[Poetry Class for February 25th Open to ALL Peer Learning Members]]>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 20:39:32 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/poetry-class-for-february-25th-open-to-all-peer-learning-membersHi Peer Learning Members,

In honor of Black History Monday, our next poetry class, on Thursday, February 25, will feature black poets. Discussion will be led by Michael Joseph. All peers are invited to this class, even if you did not register for the class. 

There are two sessions, one from 1:20-2:30 and the second from 3-4 PM. Both use the same meeting ID and passcode, also found on the Peer Learning calendar: 
Meeting ID: 883 0948 5416
Passcode: 205750

Even if you are not able to join the class, you may wish to read the attached poems.

Meeting 6 – Feb. 25, 2021
This week’s eight poems were selected from Black poets to celebrate Black History Month. I hope that you will seek out other poems by these authors, since you will find a wealth of subjects in their work.

Please listen to:

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” (1900) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NZ6aftOorE
By the brothers James Weldon Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson. (https://www.naacp.org/naacp- history-lift-evry-voice-and-sing/)
The hymn is known as the Black National Anthem, but it’s also a history lesson, a rallying cry, a pledge of unity, and an ever-present refrain as people gather to fight for equality and justice.

<![CDATA[In Memoriam]]>Mon, 08 Feb 2021 15:19:15 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/in-memoriamPeer Learning Members we have lost:
George Stanley Baroff 1924-2020
Barbara Ruth Tepperman 1935-2021
<![CDATA[Poetry is Magic Class - Now in Two Sessions]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2021 16:04:11 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/poetry-is-magic-class-now-in-two-sessionsStarting January 28, the Poetry is Magic class will meet in two sessions, one starting at 1:30 and one starting at 3 pm on Thursdays. The Zoom ID and passcode are the same as previously listed and will stay the same for both sections. Members have already chosen which group they are in but any who wish to change groups may do so, just let Beth know.  
<![CDATA[Letter from the President for Spring 2021 Semester]]>Sat, 26 Dec 2020 17:36:39 GMThttp://peerlearningofchapelhill.com/peer-learning-news/letter-from-the-president-for-spring-2021-semesterDear Peer Learners,

​Once again, it is my pleasure to announce the Spring Semester of Peer Learning of Chapel Hill. Because of the continuing pandemic, we will continue to offer all courses via Zoom but, unlike last semester, most of us are experienced Zoomers. And for those of you who had cold feet last semester, I encourage you to jump in and give us a try. While Peer Learning via Zoom is a little different than in person, we have learned to make it work well, not only for presenting exciting material but also for discussion and sharing. So please get on board and Zoom with us.

This semester we will continue with old favorites like Kitchen Table, Short Story and Book Club. Michael Joseph will wear two hats this semester: he will continue his popular course on Death, Dying and the Afterlife and he has graciously offered to continue the course on Utopia and Terror after the sad loss of George Baroff. We are fortunate to have several new courses coming up: Gary West on the Continuing Story of COVID-19, Mir Ali will return with a course on British Rule in India and Beth Timson will offer a Poetry Course. Two instructors new to Peer Learning will join us: Kit Hill with Family and Personal Life in Western Europe and America and Matt Epstein with Think Again-Learning How the Human Brain works.

The upcoming semester will begin on Monday, January 18 and continue for twelve weeks, until April 16, with a break on the week of Good Friday, March 29-April 2. We are also hoping to have a few special Friday lectures so make sure you watch for those announcements.

The registration form is included with this mailing and is also available on our website at peerlearningofchapelhill.com. The fee this semester will be $20 per member and members may register for as many courses as they wish. Send registration checks (NOT REGISTRATION FORMS) to Peer Learning of Chapel Hill, Box 2821, Chapel Hill, NC 27515. Gifts to the George Baroff Memorial Fund may also be sent to the same address.

PLEASE REGISTER ON-LINE FOR EACH COURSE YOU WISH TO TAKE. Because of COVID, it is very difficult to accept paper registrations this year. You will receive an invitation with log-on instruction for each class or you may click on the + sign next to each course name in the on-line calendar. You may re-register at any time to add or reduce your selections.

And one more thing – be sure to share this email with your friends and neighbors and invite them to join us in September.

Hope to see you on Zoom.